Loan Affordability Calculator

If you're wondering whether you can afford to take out car finance, you can try our Loan Affordability Calculator.

Use our income based Loan Affordability Calculator to see the recommended monthly payments you could afford. Once you have calculated the recommended budget for your income you can use our car loan calculator to work out your monthly finance payments and total amount payable.

Car Loan Affordability Calculator

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(after tax and National Insurance)

Recommended monthly payment:

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If you don’t know what your monthly outgoings are, the Money Advice Service (MAS) offer an incredibly in depth monthly budget planner that is totally free. You can use this to work out what you are spending each month which will allow us to give you a more reliable recommended monthly payment.

What kind of car could I afford?

Amend the car loan affordability calculator to match your loan requirements and see what car you could be driving away in. * Assuming you qualify for our best rate over 36 months and have a £3,000 deposit

Understanding What You Can Afford

The calculators we provide allow you to understand how much you can afford to borrow for your new car. If you already know how much you next car is likely to cost, you can calculate your likely monthly payments by using our car loan calculator.

If you have a monthly budget in mind, then you can use the loan affordability calculator to understand what you should be able to afford to pay back each month. This is based on the salary you take home but you should also take into consideration any other commitments you may have such as personal loans.

If high interest rates are making your monthly repayments unaffordable, then you should visit our Credit Clinic to see how you might be able to improve your credit rating. There are a number of ways you can improve your Credit Rating and this will have a significant impact on the size of your monthly repayments.

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