Soft Credit Search: Why are we the only car finance company to do it?

We pride ourselves on being the most customer focused and ethical car finance provider on the market. We really are dedicated to ensuring our customers get the best finance package and to do this, we compare more than 90 lending options to find the right car finance package for each of our customers. Unlike other car finance providers, we don't conduct a full search during this comparison stage. This would leave a record on your credit file, which means that whether or not you're successful in your application, a search 'footprint' is recorded. Some comparison sites will even send your application to a number of lenders at the same time, meaning you'll have multiple full credit searches on your credit file.

Applying Wont Affect your CreditWhy is this bad?

Having past applications recorded on your file (unsuccessful or cancelled especially) can lower your credit rating and cause you to be refused when you apply to lenders in the future. They'll see that you've been trying to apply for credit across a number of different lenders and deem you to be a risky case and that you're desperate for credit. In the vast majority of cases however, this is not true.

In most cases, customers want to shop around looking for the best deal available, and rightly so. Conducting a full credit search with each application is one way that lenders try to put people off shopping around. If you know your credit rating is going to suffer with each application, you won't apply with more than one company. In the end, it means customers are not getting the best deal, spending more than they have to on their finance package.

Read more about what can affect your credit rating in the Creditplus Credit Clinic.

How Creditplus are different

Unlike every other major car finance provider, we don't undertake a full credit search until we know a customer will be successful applying. Instead, we conduct a 'soft credit search', also known as a 'quotation search'. Instead of searching the full file, we take a 'snapshot' of a customer's credit report. This allows us to examine all the important details we need to see a customer's creditworthiness. We then use these details and compare more than 100 lending options to find the best car finance package available.

Once we've found the right car finance package, we'll speak to the customer and confirm if they want to proceed with a full application, including a full credit search. We will never conduct a full credit search without a customer's permission. This means each of our customers can find the best car finance deal without risking their credit file.
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Ethical Lending

We understand that applying for any form of finance or lending can be a daunting prospect. In fact, it was the reason why we were established; to provide customers with the tools and knowledge they need to make an informed decision about their car finance options. Soft credit searches are just one part of our commitment. Read more about our dedication to this on our Ethical Lending page.

A car finance provider you can trust

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