Susan Connolly


Automotive Personality – Personalised Number Plates

More likely than not, your car cost a pretty penny, and you no doubt agonised over the decision. Which make and model was right for your lifestyle and... Read More

Why Combustion Engines Could Still Be The Best Option

Most of us are aware of the importance of our actions and their effects on the environment. Indeed, going green is now a watchword for individuals and... Read More

Guide: How To Save Money Motoring

Running a car can put a significant dent in any budget. However as any driver knows it’s not just the initial purchase price of a car or the monthly f... Read More

Car Safety on the agenda at CES

Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas was expected to spawn a few important and long-awaited consumer gadgets. Instead, it all turned out to be domin... Read More

Top Motoring News of 2012

There are a number of different ways that you can analyse a year. What news stories hit the headlines? What changes were there in politics and current... Read More
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