Range Rover Sport – the best car finance deal of the month

This month’s best car finance deal is the Range Rover Sport. Every month we look at the cars we’re financing to find you the best deals on offer. The Range Rover Sport has been one of our most popular cars for customers seeking a luxury, high quality 4×4. Here are all the details on the car and the best finance deals available.




Whilst not as fast as the BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne, the Range Rover Sport will still give you enough power, even with the smaller 3.0 litre engine. A number of sport upgrades are available, so if you want a bit more oomph from the car, go for one with the “Dynamic” option. Most popular is the 4.4 litre all-aluminium Jaguar AJ-V8 engine which gives 390BHP, increased torque.

If you are desperate for that little bit extra power, seek out the specially tuned SVR option. 542BHP on a 5.0 litre V8 engine, the fastest Range Rover ever gives 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, with an electronically limited top speed of 162mph.

No matter what engine size you choose, the Sport is an easy drive, not too heavy on the steering wheel and feels quite agile when turning. For a 4×4 of this size, the Sport is also relatively quiet when in motion with not too much road noise seeping in from the outside.



“Both the exterior and interior have proven to be great. I have had the car now for 2 years and still look forward to driving her. The interior in particular is the most comfortable car I have driven especially on long journeys, compared to BMW X5 and Audi A7.”
– User review, Creditplus Car Reviews

Where the Range Rover Sport excels is comfort. An absolute luxury to drive, the effort that has gone into the interior styling is second to none. The large driver seat is like a throne, giving you unparalleled view of the road ahead. Ergonomics is a buzzword these days, but the controls of the Range Rover Sport are easy to use and positioned sensibly. Oxford leather seats come with 20-way powered adjustment, so you can find the perfect driving position for you. In some models, the seats come with a 5 setting massage programme to help relax you even further.


“Very comfortable. The higher driver position automatically makes you feel safer with better visibility, very easy to drive in automatic – or for the best of both worlds you can use the ‘CommandShift’ to change between manual and automatic options.”
– User review, Creditplus Car Reviews

The Range Rover Sport can comfortably fit the driver and three adult passengers, and will give plenty of room for children should you be using such a beast of a car for the school run.


There has been some controversy over the recent Range Rover models, with Greenpeace in particular singling them out for particular scorn. Eco-warriors may want to avoid this car, but then if you were considering a 4×4, the chances are that environmental concerns are not top priority. The most recent models can achieve around 38 mpg. Land Rover themselves claim you can achieve 44 mpg should you go for the Autobiography Dynamic model.

“Performance is Ok, need sport gear if you want to make her move quickly, I find I get an average of approx 24 MPG, a little more 26 – 28 mpg on longer runs. The V6 engine is a major fuel saving on the older V8 models.”
-User review, Creditplus Car Reviews

In addition to fuel prices, road tax isn’t cheap at £485 a year. But if you are looking at the Range Rover Sport, these costs obviously aren’t as much of a factor.

“Touch wood no so far. Apart from servicing the car has been spot on, the only thing is look out for is the cost of accessories if you wish to add anything, nearly £1000 for a bike carrier option!”
-User review, Creditplus Car Reviews



As you would expect with a car of this marque, the Range Rover Sport comes with a huge variety of different accessories and add-ons to choose from. The base model comes with keyless entry, DAB digital radio, front and rear parking sensors, a reversing camera (essential for a car this size), and xenon headlights. The electrically adjustable seats are also fitted as standard, as is an onboard sat nav.

“Touch screen system really nice touch, along with voice controlled functionality.”
-User review, Creditplus Car Reviews

Other options available at an extra cost include an electronically deployable tow bar that slides away when not in use, bar mounted bike carriers, deployable side steps, and iPad holders for the rear seats. Whatever you are using the Sport for, there is a package suited to your needs.



The Range Rover Sport comes with advanced safety features, vitally important if you are driving off road but also providing more peace of mind if you are using the car normally. Dynamic assistance systems adapt to the way the vehicle is being driven and the terrain it is traversing. Adaptive Dynamics work 500 times a second to assess the vehicle’s movements and manage the car to match. Torque vectoring helps stabilise the car when turning, providing more grip and reduced understeer. Adaptive Cruise Control keeps the car in front at a safe distance at all times. Blind spot monitoring alerts you when changing lanes if a car is coming where you can’t see. Parking assist makes manoeuvring such a big vehicle into a space easy, with Parallel Parking assist doing all the hard work for you. Auto road sign recognition warns you of speed limits changing, whilst lane control alerts if you are drifting.

NCAP have not yet tested the Range Rover Sport model, but the standard Range Rover achieved a 5 star rating back in 2012.


The Range Rover Sport provides a high level of comfort with a wide range of accessories to suit your needs. Whilst not providing as much raw power as other top spec 4x4s, it does not suffer too badly in comparison and still has plenty of kick if you choose one of the higher spec engines. Economy is not great, but if you are buying a 4×4, that’s not high on your priorities. If you want to look the part and a relaxing drive, this is the car for you.

Creditplus Best Car Deals

The Range Rover Sport is available new from just £844 per month. We also have a selection of used and nearly new models on our database. New or used, Creditplus can provide the finance you need for the car you want. Just complete our online application form and receive a decision on your finance options. One of our highly experienced customer advisors will compare over 50 finance providers to match you with the best package. So if the Range Rover Sport is the car for you, we can find the best finance package for you.

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