Each month we profile a Motoring community on our blog.  Last month we talked about our admiration of Car Throttle, talking about the car content and features we like and explaining how the website can even whet the appetite of those who aren’t really into cars.

This month we are taking a look at PistonHeads the established (1998) quality motoring website and online community for the serious motoring fan.

Cited as the biggest motoring website in the UK, the website has a great bunch of writers all clearly passionate about cars and living the PistonHeads dream.  The quality of content and images is superb with a familiar writing style that draws you in, to make you want more more more!

At the end of each article you can share your thoughts / comments in their popular forum and chat with the most knowledgeable car fans in the universe!  You can even rate the article using their very own P.H.O’meter, helping the editors know which content you like. I love this feature!


PistonHeads has over 25 topics to explore on the site, including: car reviews, pic of the week, spotted / you know you want to, my dream drive and pure driving experiences.  Providing their audience with up to the minute car news, expert advice, cars by country of manufacturer and dedicated sections for the super fans of the classics and motorsport.  What more could you want!

One of the regular editors is auto journalist God Chris Harris from the super popular Drive channel on Youtube which has over 1 million subscribers. Each Wednesday Chris profiles some of the most important cars on the road, alone he’s had over 2.5 million views of his videos!

Chris has a dedicated section on the PistonHeads website you can find it here.

Our top 3 sections of PistonHeads include

  • In-depth car reviews and road tests
  • Dream drives
  • Well stocked and well manned Forum (17 categories- with General Gassing being the most popular topic)

We are also fans of their car comparison articles and old school cool nostalgic posts. Here they look at how three super saloon heroes of the 90s compare 15 years on: Audi S4 vs BMW M3 vs Mercedes C43 AMG.

If you “feel the need, the need for speed” then PistonHeads will make sure you arrive at your destination.  We recommend you visit them for a lively car community, car inspiration and nostalgia and to help create a list of cars you deserve to drive!

To keep up to date with their news, why not follow them (along with 55K others) on Twitter @PistonHeads you will find several of the PistonHead writers on Twitter to including:

Dan: @Trent_Dan
Chris: @Harrismonkey
Matt: @PHMattB
Paul: @PaulGarlick
Pete: @RacingPete

View the other communities we have profiled below and feel free to recommend a car community we should visit in the comments below.  Next month Louise explains why she loves visiting Petrolicious.

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