Creditplus Dream Team

The Creditplus Dream Team part three. This time we look at our front line to see who will be spearheading our dream team’s attack.

Creditplus Dream Team – Part Three: Attack

Which cars will fire our team to victory? A solid team is worthless without two star strikers banging in the goals. If you want to cut it at the top of the premier league, you need someone with a touch of genius. The cars we’ve chosen reflect that. We also need someone to manage the team, so as a cheeky bonus, we’ve brought in someone with a wealth of european experience to lead the team to victory.


Position: Striker
Car: Bugatti Veyron
Why?: No top Premier League team is complete without a superstar foreign striker. You want someone with style, speed, something to get the crowd going. The Bugatti Veyron does the job. Super quick, just 450 of these magnificent cars were built. A top goalscorer is an increasingly rare breed, so the Veyron‘s exclusivity makes it a perfect match. The fantastic curves and design show off its excellent finishing. And its expensive price puts it up in the big leagues of transfer targets. Cristiano Ronaldo is just one of the famous footballers who own a Bugatti.
Who?: Sergio Aguero. The undisputed best foreign striker in the Premier League now that Suarez has left for a bite at the big time in Spain. Aguero has had his injury problems over the past few seasons. Even so, he continues to bang in the goals whenever he is fit. Having signed a new deal with Manchester City, Aguero will have improved upon his £11 million pound yearly salary.


Position: Striker
Car: Lamborghini Veneno
Why?: Attackers are the most expensive players in the world. You pay the big bucks for the goalscorers, and you don’t get many more expensive than the Lamborghini Veneno. The centrepiece of any team, the Veneno would definitely sell the tickets and football shirts, whilst its amazing design means finishing won’t be a problem. Extremely fast, it costs a lot to maintain but should be worth it in the long run – like any superstar striker should be.
Who?: Top goalscorer? Expert finisher? Ridiculously expensive? Of course its Wayne Rooney, star Manchester United striker and occasional England superstar. On his day, Rooney is one of the best in the world. Totally unplayable, with a range of passing to match his goal tally, Rooney would walk into any team on the world. When he feels like it. There is one problem. The Lamborghini Veneno doesn’t come to you every two years asking to move to a different owner unless you spend more money.

And finally, we come to the manager.


Position: Manager
Car: Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiv Spider
Why?: For a dream team of superstars full of egos and arrogance, you need a manager with some pedigree, a bit of class to keep the lads together. The Alfa Romeo 2000 does the trick. Whilst not as flashy as some of the other cars, its wealth of experience will give it the authority over the team needed. The Alfa Romeo 2000 has that bit of swagger about it to inspire confidence, that arrogance to make the team feel confident going out onto the pitch. Okay, we may be stretching the analogy a bit now but we’re at the end!
Who?: An arrogant manager with a wealth of European experience? Hmm, who could that be. Jose Mourinho. A team of superstars needs a superstar manager and none in the manager game have the same as brand Mourinho. It helps that he has the walk to follow up the talk, but the primadonnas in the team may be upset that the spotlight falls more on the man on the sidelines.

And that’s the team! Twelve fantastic cars and motorbikes. We’re pretty confident that this team could beat any others. What do you think? Have a team of cars that could beat ours? Prove it! Post your dream team in the comments and we’ll pit them against each other in a battle.

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