2014 was a fantastic year for Creditplus with more cars than ever before being financed. Which car was the most popular? Which car was the most expensive? Let’s take a look back at the most financed cars in 2014. We’ll also take a look at the most popular cars across the UK to see how our stats match up.

Last year we financed 277 different makes and models for our customers, finding finance for customers with a wide variety of financial circumstances. Let’s begin our rundown of the top five.

FIVE – Nissan Qashqai


Last year’s position: Eighteenth

2014 UK car sales position: Sixth
Creditplus Nissan Qashqai Car Review

Fifth most popular car at Creditplus was the Nissan Qashqai. This crossover SUV is becoming increasingly popular across the UK, particularly for those with families who want plenty of space and comfort when doing the school run. Available in four different trim levels, the Qashqai is also known for being one of the most reliable cars in the UK.

We said: “When Nissan produced the Qashqai in 2006 they basically invented the crossover. They created a car that had the look and feel of larger SUVs but managed to retain the fuel efficiency of normal hatchbacks, they essentially started the style of car that is currently taking the UK by storm. It is no wonder then that the second version of the Qashqai currently on sale holds the crown for most popular crossover as well as being Whatcar’s car of the year 2014.”

Our customers say: “This car looks tough and it is tough.. I had this car as a company rep and travelled around the UK and the interior is well thought out and practical. well put together too. The bodywork is well put together and this car feels as solid as it looks. Plenty of toys for the money…climate control, parking sensors, 6 disc changer etc..”

FOUR – Ford Focus


Last year’s position: Second
2014 UK car sales position: Second
Why do Ford, BMW and Vauxhall dominate the car market?

The Ford Focus was fourth most popular car here at Creditplus. The ultimate small family car, the Focus is known for its good amount of size and space, ease to drive, and excellent reliability. The increased popularity of Ford’s also means that spares are easy to come across, so repairs are not normally too much of a hassle. The Focus is the most common car in Great Britain, with 1.5 million of them on the road. With it being so highly praised, it’s little wonder it was one of our most popular cars.

What the experts say: “The Focus also rides well, soaking up the longer undulations without feeling wallowy and soft. And it cossets the cabin from the vibrations and imperfections underneath, and from the wind and tyre noise, creating an amazing level of refinement for a hatchback.”

Our customers say: “Beautiful to drive. Big enough to fit 5 people inside with a reasonably sized boot. It looks gorgeous on the outside, feels sporty and special inside. Runs quietly during normal driving, but give it a poke and it responds with a deep growl which always puts a smile on your face. What more could you ask for.”

THREE – Vauxhall Astra


Last year’s position: Third
2014 UK car sales position: Fifth
Safest cars for your children.

The third most popular car here at Creditplus was the Vauxhall Astra. A versatile rival to the Ford Focus, the wide range of engine options available makes this car one of the most customisable on the market, making it likely that there is an engine size suitable for your requirements. Not only is the car great on the road, it is also great on TV. The Astra Mark 6 was used by Top Gear as their car for the “Star in a reasonably price card” segment.

What the experts say: Vauxhall has worked hard to make the latest Astra as competitive as possible in the hatchback segment. It sports sleek looks and an attractive cabin, with a huge step forward for interior quality over its predecessor. It remains a comfortable and refined car, but it can’t quite match the all-round appeal of the Volkswagen Golf.

What our users say: “It performs great, but more for long trips. On the motorway. As it’s long, it’s hard to deal with in the city. But in both cases the consumption is about 1 gallon/ 35miles. Cheap to run as low road tax and also low insurance. Great family car.”

TWO – Ford Fiesta


Last year’s position: Eighth
2014 UK car sales position: First
Creditplus Ford Fiesta Car Review
Just missing out on top spot is the Ford Fiesta. Number one across the UK for 2014 and 2013, the Fiesta continues to dominate the UK car market. Regularly topping car of the year polls, the Fiesta is known for its comfort, being fun and easy to drive, parking easily, and fuel economy.

What we said: “Britain’s best seller, the Ford Fiesta makes an ideal car for those looking for a small all rounder. Whilst not as big as some of the other hatchbacks on the market, the Fiesta is the perfect car for those wanting something reliable and easy to drive.”

Our customers say: “Everyone I know that has one says it’s a great car to drive and they are correct, I can’t fault it! It’s a cracking little car and I’m chuffed to bits with it, I would recommend this car to anyone that is thinking of a small hatchback or a small family car.”

ONE – BMW 3 Series


Last year’s position: First
2014 UK car sales position: Outside the top ten
Creditplus BMW 3 Series Car Review

For the second year running, the BMW 3 Series is the number one most popular car here at Creditplus. The 3 Series is a prestige car, known for its fantastic image and performance. The 3 Series is fun to drive, with plenty of power under the hood, whilst also making the right impression when turning up to a business meeting. It is also cheap to run, especially the diesel version. Smart control layout, comfortable seating with an excellent road position, wide variety of accessories and options to choose from, all combine to make the 3 Series a fantastic car. With the number of finance options available growing all the time, it is no wonder our customers are choosing a prestige vehicle for their finance package.

What we said: “The BMW 3-Series is widely considered a prestige car, with an executive image and famed German build quality. A brand new car will cost from £23,550 to £43,680 depending on the specification chosen, but a 3 year old model with low mileage will cost around £18,000. If you decide to take out finance, opt for a Personal Contract Purchase (available to those with a good credit score) to bring monthly payments down. By their nature, BMW’s hold their value well, and resale will not be an issue.”

Our customers say:“0-60 in just under 9 seconds, very good on diesel around town and on long journeys. I mainly use it on the motorway and find the on board computer useful when telling me how many miles I have left in the tank.”

And they also say: “What a great interior, simple lines yet still has that executive feel to it. Electric windows all round climate control and a great sounding stereo system. The cloth and velour seats again just add to that executive feel. Has great space without the feeling of being in a massive car.”

Just missing out…

In sixth place was the Vauxhall Insignia, a nice alternative to the BMW 3 Series for those looking to spend a little less money. The Vauxhall Corsa is in seventh, missing out on the top five at Creditplus. Sales continue to be strong across the UK and it made the top five for total car sales 2014. Then we have the BMW 1 Series, Audi A3, and Land Rover Evoque.

Top Five Cars Across The UK

2014 was a fantastic year for the car industry, with new car registrations reaching a 10 year high. In fact, 2014 had the fourth largest number of new car sales in the UK since records began, with only 2002, 2003 and 2004 having more sales. 2014 was up 9.3% on 2013, beating the EU average of 5.3%. Only Germany had more new car sales than the UK.

Here are the top five best selling cars of the year:

1. Ford Fiesta
2. Ford Focus
3. Vauxhall Corsa
4. Volkswagen Golf
5. Vauxhall Astra

Figures from the SMMT 2014 Report

Most expensive car financed 2014


Ferrari California – Photo Credit “From Irak” by Street Carl

A fantastic car, our customer chose a convertible model in red. What other colour could he have chosen?

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