The new 65 number plate is released in the UK next month and car sales are predicted to hit new heights. So far in 2015, the Ford Fiesta is once again the UK’s best selling car. This had us thinking, what are the best selling cars in other countries around the world?

USA – Ford F-150

Total sales 2014: 753,851

The best selling car in the USA is the mighty Ford F-150. The pickup truck has dominated the US new car market, having been the best selling car for the past 32 years. Over 8.5 million of these cars have been sold in the past ten years. The most recent iteration (the car’s thirteenth) has been modified to be more fuel efficient, replacing the previous steel bodywork with a predominantly aluminium body over a steel share. Sales have not suffered and the F-150 continues to dominate.

The F-150 is not available for general sale in the UK. The closest we get to it is the Ford Ranger, a versatile pickup that is more than suitable for the UK terrain.

Australia – Toyota Corolla

Total sales 2014: 43,735

When you think of our friends down under, you probably think of the famous “Yute”, as seen in the Aussie soap operas that used to fill our evenings after school. Instead, the most popular car in Australia is the Toyota Corolla. Small cars are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with Toyota selling more than twice the amount of cars than the next biggest seller – Holden, the Australian car company.

Germany – Volkswagen Golf

Total sales 2014: 255,044

Unsurprisingly, the most popular car in Germany is from a German manufacturer – the Volkswagen Golf. In fact the top 10 best selling cars are dominated by German car makers, with just two of the cars produced by foreign companies (Vauxhall Corsa in 8th and Skoda Octavia in 9th).

The VW Golf is one of the most popular cars here in the UK, currently sitting in 4th place with 43,141 sales this year. First produced in 1974, the Golf was originally produced as a replacement for the VW Beetle. Also known as the VW Rabbit in the States, the Golf continues to be a firm favourite.

France – Renault Clio

Total sales 2014: 105,182

Just across the channel, the most popular car with the French people is the Renault Clio. Like in Germany, the French prefer their homegrown cars over foreign makes. Renault, Peugeot and Citröen dominate the top selling cars, with just the cheap Dacia Sandero sneaking into the top 10.

The Clio is one of the most popular supermini’s globally, with it’s success in the UK sparked by the famous “Nicole?” “Papa?” advertising campaign in the nineties. The car won “European Car of the Year” in 2001 and 2006.

Italy – Fiat Panda

Total sales 2014: 104,352

The romantics amongst you might have hoped that Ferrari or Lamborghini might have been the most popular car in Italy. Perhaps even Alfa Romeo. In our boring reality, the most popular car is the Fiat Panda, with almost double the amount of sales than its closest rival the Fiat Punto.

Originally designed to be a no frills utility car, the Panda has evolved over the generations to become a city car. Over 6.5 million Panda’s have been sold worldwide since its first appearance in 1986.

Russia – Lada Granta

Total sales 2014: 152,810

The most popular car for the second year in a row, the Lada Granta leads the way in Russia. A collaboration between Renault and Russian manufacturer AvtoVAZ, the Lada brand has undergone a bit of a refresh since the cold mass produced image from the Soviet era. The original Lada sold over 20 million units before the end of 2012, becoming the highest selling car of all time that had not undergone a major design change.

China – SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile’s Hongguang

Total sales 2014: 750,000

The best-selling car from China comes from a manufacturer that many people in Britain would not have heard of. SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile’s Hongguang is the most popular car in China, selling over 750,000 cars in 2014. Produced by a group of companies including General Motors, the Hongguang is a MPV, and the only appearance of a people carrier on the list.

Japan – Toyota Aqua

Total sales 2014: 233,209

The Toyota Aqua is the best selling car in Japan. The name may seem unfamiliar. That’s because in the UK it’s called the Toyota Prius c (c for city). Is it a promising sign for global warming that a hybrid car has become so popular? Like the other countries with big name homegrown manufacturers, the top 10 list in Japan is dominated by Toyota, Citröen and Nissan.

India – Maruti Suzuki Alto

Total sales 2014: 242,248

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is the Indian built version of the Suzuki Alto available in the UK. Maruti Suzuki is India’s most popular car manufacturer, with six out of the top ten cars produced by the manufacturer.

United Kingdom – Ford Fiesta

Total sales 2014: 131,254

Looking back to compare UK against the rest of the world, the best selling car is the Ford Fiesta and has been for over a decade. The extremely versatile supermini has been universally praised for its ride quality, comfort and economy, so little wonder that it is the most popular car in the UK. Click here to read our Ford Fiesta Infographic.

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