When you think of the life of a Premier League footballer, you normally think of luxury mansions, huge sponsorship deals, and fantastic cars from high end dealerships. Not Auto Trader. But one Premier League star’s car has appeared on a classified ads site for sale.

So which Premier League footballer is trying to flog his motor?


Yes, Andy Carroll has put his 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Onyx Edition up for sale. Available for £37,990, you can earn a little piece of the premier league footballer lifestyle. 37,000 miles on the clock, this automatic 4.4 litre diesel comes with all the luxury accessories and optional extras that are just a small additional cost for a top footballer.

The sale price of £37,990 is just under half of Carroll’s weekly wage. Estimated to be on £80,000 per week, Carroll would only have to work for 4 days to earn enough money to buy the car he’s selling.

Unfortunately the description doesn’t say how careful a driver Carroll is. There’s not a lot of mention about the care Carroll has taken, the usual car dealer spiel sadly missing. Just a comprehensive description of all the features on offer.

Onyx Edition

You may be confused by the “Onyx Edition” description. Onyx is a custom concept company that is designed to “rewrite the canvas that we have been forced to accept by living with mass produced automobiles that are beginning to lose there[sic] individuality”. Customising high end cars from Bentley, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Mercedes and the aforementioned Range Rover. Only the super rich can afford to buy such high end cars and then pay even more to customise them. So this Range Rover Carroll edition is quite an opportunity for someone looking for a high end car at a reasonable cost.

Looking for your Premier League car?

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