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Fixed Interest Rate

The term fixed interest rate is used to describe any interest rates that do not fluctuate over time. Instead, they stay at the set rate for the entire duration of the finance agreement. The key benefit of this type of interest rate is that you know exactly how much you will be paying across the agreement.

In normal circumstances, lenders base their interest rates on the Bank of England’s base rates, where the lenders borrow their money from. This means that changes in the economy and financial market can lead to interest rates changing to match what’s going on in the UK as a whole. When lenders determine what a fixed interest rate will be, it is done based on the market rates available at the time of setting.

Benefits Of A Fixed Interest Loan

  • You know exactly what you are paying each month.
  • It's an extremely stable and safe way of repaying a loan without the vulnerability of the interest rate changing in relation to the Bank of England's base rate.
  • Fixing your interest rate can also result in a better overall repayment across the term of the loan, compared with a variable rate which could significantly change during the term.

Disadvantages Of A Fixed Interest Loan

  •  If the market drops and interest rates fall, you will be left paying a higher rate than others.
  •  It can be more difficult to get a loan at a favourable rate as the lender takes a risk on the rate not changing above the set rate

What Other Types Of Interest Rate Are There?

Finance agreements are also available with a Fixed Interest Rate, Flat Rate or Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

If you want to learn more about the different interest rates, you can read our full guide - All You Need To Know About Interest Rates.

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