What kind of vehicle can I get on finance?

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At Creditplus we can provide finance for most vehicles including cars, motorbikes or motorhomes. You'll get plenty of choice with vehicle finance from us.

We know that finance is a means to your end goal, purchasing a new vehicle. We also know that customers will often be concerned about the types of vehicles they can finance from Creditplus. This shouldn't be a worry as we can help you in a whole variety of ways to ensure you get the right vehicle and the right finance.

In this section you'll find some of the more popular questions regarding the types of vehicles you can purchase using vehicle finance.

Can Creditplus help me choose a vehicle?

Yes we certainly can. Our Customer Advisors are happy to help you source a vehicle and can even help you with your vehicle choice. Find out more about how our expert Vehicle Buying team can help you choose your perfect vehicle to finance in our Choosing a Vehicle Help section.

In this section: Choosing a Vehicle

Should I buy my vehicle from a dealership?

Buying your car from a dealership is a popular option, and we're happy to help you with this. For more information on how to get a great vehicle finance deal from a dealership, please visit our dedicated page on dealership car finance.

In this section: Dealer Finance

Can I get vehicle finance even if I’m buying a car privately?

Buying a car privately usually means that you're unable to obtain car finance on a vehicle from a private seller. This is not the case with Creditplus, as we're in a unique position that allows us to provide car finance on cars purchased privately. To find out more about financing a vehicle which is being sold privately, please visit our dedicated page: Car Finance for Private Sales

Can I arrange vehicle finance on a motorhome?

Finance is available on a multitude of different vehicles, and it's possible to finance a motorhome through Creditplus. To find out all the vehicle finance options available for motorhomes, please visit our dedicated page: Motorhome Finance

Can I get a motorbike on finance?

Many people wrongly assume that vehicle finance is only for 4-wheeled vehicles, but we're actually able to offer finance on motorbikes too. Visit our dedicated motorbike finance page for more information.

Is it possible to buy a classic car with vehicle finance?

Some would say that they really don't make cars like they used to. Classic cars are still hugely popular in the UK, and a lot of classic car owners want to know about financing an older vehicle. Find out all you need to know about classic car finance here.

In this section: Classic Car Finance

I’m disabled and need a modified car for disability - can I get finance?

This is a question we receive on a regular basis, and yes it's absolutely possible to finance a car which has been modified for disability use, either through official disability schemes or directly through us. To find out more information about the criteria you need to meet in order to receive vehicle financing for a modified vehicle, visit our disability car finance page.

In this section: Disability Vehicle Finance 

Can I finance a commercial vehicle?

Yes, we can provide finance on any vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes. Find out more about commercial finance here.

Published: 16/05/2016
Last Updated:31/03/2019
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