Extended Car Warranties explained

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Here we look at and discuss the reasons for taking out an extended car warranty, as well as explaining what's included within the extended car warranty options available from Creditplus.

Are extended car warranties worth it?

Everyone has their own views and opinions around whether extended car warranties are worth it. The decision will ultimately be down to you, but we can give you some help in making that all important decision. An extended car warranty is a service that you pay for which provides you with peace of mind when it comes to expensive car repairs.

The Creditplus extended warranty is the same as the standard 6 month cover. It offers a comprehensive warranty service protecting all the mechanical and electrical components of your car.

Considering extended car warranties can be from as little as £20 per month. We strongly believe that the product is well worth the price, especially as it offers peace of mind for the vehicle owner.

Are extended car warranties available on a new car?

No, all new cars will come with a manufacturer's warranty as standard, but once it has expired then the option to purchase an extended warranty will become available to you. If you decide to take out an extended warranty with the manufacturer you'll need to ensure that all of your servicing has been done through their approved franchises, otherwise you may not be eligible to purchase one.

What's included in the Extended Car Warranty from Creditplus?

The Extended Car Warranty offers the same cover as the standard 6 month warranty, covering all mechanical and electrical components of your car.

Can I find my own extended car warranty?

Yes of course, you're not under any obligation to take out a warranty from Creditplus. However, we have worked closely with many providers in the car warranty industry and are in a really good position to provide independent advice if you'd like our help. If so, please contact your Customer Advisor for more information.

Are there any extended car warranty companies you'd recommend?

We work closely with car warranty providers to ensure we offer a product with excellent cover. We are constantly analysing the market to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible extend car warranty products. To learn more, please speak to one of our Customer Advisors.


We have tried to answer as many questions as possible on extended car warranties. However if you have any additional questions which aren't answered here, please get in touch on 0800 1777 290 or by using the LiveChat function located to the right of your screen.

Published: 16/05/2016
Last Updated:31/01/2019
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