Finding the right car can be difficult when there are so many different makes and models to choose from. To help you make the right choice, Creditplus have put together a battle, comparing different cars of a similar type against each other. This time, we are having a battle of the mid-price executive cars.

The Battle

Executive cars are becoming increasingly popular now that the UK economy seems to be recovering. In 2014, the most popular car we financed was what we would deem an executive car. Combining luxury comparable with a prestige model and performance you need to make driving more fun, the executive car is a popular choice for young professionals and those looking to make a good impression.

We’ve brought together six contenders for the best mid-price executive car. Which one would you choose?

BMW 3 Series: The Benchmark


Price: From £24,255
Available on finance from £363 per month (new) or as nearly new/used cars.

BMW 3 Series Creditplus Car Review

The BMW 3 Series was our most financed car in 2013 & 2014 here at Creditplus and it is easy to see why. It drives superbly, the performance and well balanced handling making every journey feel anything but a chore. The drive is also very smooth and comfortable, no nasty bumps as you travel.

The interior is also nice and comfortable, with a clean dashboard layout giving the car an uncluttered environment. Fuel economy is good with around 50 miles to the gallon, performing better around town. The car also received the top 5 star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

“0-60 in just under 9 seconds, very good on diesel around town and on long journeys. I mainly use it on the motorway and find the on board computer useful when telling me how many miles I have left in the tank.”
Creditplus User Car Review

Audi A4: The Rival


Price: From £24,685
Available on finance from £460 per month (new) or nearly new/used.

Audi A4 Creditplus Car Review

A direct competitor to the BMW 3 Series, the Audi A4 has been steadily closing the gap in quality across the years in a bid to become the go to executive car. A range of efficient diesel engines to choose from provide excellent fuel economy, making it a good choice for those looking to save on running costs.

When it comes to performance, the Audi A4 is fun to drive, making motorway journeys or urban driving easy. Three driving modes means that you can adjust steering to the type of driving you are doing, whilst firm suspension makes cornering smooth. The interior is one of the best on the market, clearly a lot of thought has gone into the design and presentation. Achieved the top 5 star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

“Smooth, quiet and comfortable. Drive select system allows choice between comfort, dynamic, auto and individual settings makes a real difference on various road types and surfaces, positive handling in every corner.”
Creditplus User Car Review

Mercedes C Class:The Luxury Model


Price: From £27,270
Available on finance from £488 per month (new) or nearly new/used.
Mercedes C Class Creditplus Car Review

A little more expensive than the A4 and the 3 Series, Mercedes has modeled the C Class to provide a luxury drive whilst losing none of the performance you expect from an executive car. The car is extremely comfortable and spacious on the inside, everything you expect from the famous car maker.

On the road, the car was built to prioritise comfort, especially useful for long journeys. Handling is excellent, whilst performance is good without suffering any loss of fuel economy. Perhaps not as sporty as the 3 series, the C Class still feels fun to drive.

“The car drives really well as you would expect from a Mercedes exec car. The car feels like it has been engineered rather than just designed. I found it a joy to own and would have another one without a second thought.”
Creditplus User Car Review

Ford Mondeo: The Wildcard


Price: From £20,795
Available on finance from £286 per month (new) or nearly new/used.

You may be surprised to see the Mondeo on the list. True, it doesn’t have the same reputation as the other cars but the Mondeo’s blue badge should not put you off straight away. Not only is the Mondeo one of the most reliable cars on the market, its lower price means you can choose a higher spec model and get all the accessories and gizmos you want, without splashing out the same amount of money.

The Mondeo is also a delight to drive, dismissing its image as a rather staid family car. Excellent and responsive handling make the car fun to drive, with the car not feeling cumbersome. Parking is a little awkward sometimes, but with the extra accessories you can afford, the technology is available to resolve this issue.

“Fantastic! It’s smooth, gear changes are great and I can drive 3-4 hours without becoming uncomfortable. It really does make for an enjoyable drive. Again, the only down-side is sometimes the fuel injection lacks a punch.”

Creditplus User Car Review

Jaguar XE: The Future


Price: From £26,995
Available on finance soon!

With customer deliveries starting in May, there is a lot of attention on Jaguar as they launch the XE. Hoping to shake off the negative image of the rather unpopular X Type, the XE has been designed to directly rival the other executive cars in this battle. Early reviews have been positive, with particular praise for the stunning exterior design work. The car’s performance has also been praised.

Its lightweight aluminium chassis means that the Jaguar XE will be much more environmentally friendly, with a specific model producing less CO2 then the ultra efficient Volkswagen UP. The whole car has been designed almost from scratch, everything on the car is brand new with little crossover from the disappointing X Series.

Other alternatives

Missing from our battle of mid-price executive cars, the Volkswagen Passat CC, Lexus IS 300H, and Infiniti Q50. Whilst each have their strengths and weaknesses, they didn’t have enough to make it onto our main list.

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