This summer sees the return of European national team football's big prize - Euro 2016. Twenty four teams will be heading to France to compete for the accolade of best team in Europe. Three of our home nation teams will be representing - Northern Ireland, Wales and, of course, England. Once again, the nation will come together to watch the English team lose in the quarter finals of the tournament. But what if they win? What if we can finally come together and win our first tournament in over fifty years? Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Most likely, no. Chances are they will be taking an early bath before heading back home to a shrug. But which of our England stars would have the best drive home? We took a look at five of England's leading lights to see what car they drive - Joe Hart, Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshire and Daniel Sturridge. They will each be hoping to be a star this summer, but which football star has the best wheels? Read the infographic and then let us know your thoughts.


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