Over the last few months the Digital Team at Creditplus have been working hard to make sure that we improve the level of information that we provide to our customers on the Creditplus website.

Our new Help and Advice Centre has been built specifically to provide more detailed content to our customers to help guide them through the car finance process.

We know that when people start looking into the car finance process that they will have lots of questions that they want to ask. While looking at ways to provide this information to our customers we realised that there is actually a lack of really detailed information for consumers, and this is our first step to address that.

Part of our ethical lending process is providing Creditplus customers with the information that they need to make the right decision when buying their next car. If we provide honest and accurate information to our customers, they will be able to make the most appropriate car finance choice when purchasing their car.

We have split the help section into 9 parts, each of which represents a major part of the car finance process:

Making an application help sectionMaking an Application - The ‘Making an Application’ section looks at questions that consumers have before applying for car finance. This includes how the process works, the documents that are required and how to make a joint application.
do-i-qualify-thumbDo I Qualify: The ‘Do I Qualify’ section looks at the factors that are considered when you make a finance application. This includes your employment, income and personal circumstances.
Credit-history adviceCredit History: Your Credit History is an important part of the finance decision process. It is also the part that will have a major factor in the rate that you receive. This section looks into checking your credit history, your credit score, and what you can do if you have bad credit.
car-finance-thumbCar Finance: Car finance is a large topic and as you would expect from a car finance company, this is our largest help section. Here we look at how car finance works, your lending options, and the types of vehicles that you can finance.
car-leasing adviceCar Leasing: Car leasing has always been popular with businesses, but consumers are now looking more and more at leasing products as well. In this section we look at how the finance works with car leasing, whether it is the right option for you and which are the best cars to lease.
commerical-vehicles adviceCommercial Vehicles: If you need a commercial vehicle this section will provide you with the finance information you need. It looks at the different finance options available for van finance, taxi’s and all other commercial vehicles (that are under 3.5 tonnes).
insurance adviceInsurance: If you drive a car on a daily basis it is likely that you understand that you need car insurance. However, you may not be aware of the other types of insurance on offer to car owners. In this section we cover the common questions around car insurance, car warranties, GAP insurance and other types of insurance that are available to vehicle owners.
delivery adviceDelivery: Many people don’t realise that we can actually deliver vehicles to customers if we have sourced the car for the customer. In this section we answer the common questions around vehicle deliveries and the process.
existing-customers adviceExisting Customers: We know that our customers might have questions after they have completed their car finance through Creditplus. In this section we answer some of the common questions asked by our existing customers.

We will continue to update the Help and Advice Centre so if you feel we have missed any questions let us know in the comments here and we will make sure we add them!

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