Having a baby normally means one thing: Say goodbye to the cool sporty two door coupe, hello to the practical family vehicle. You may also be wondering what will become of your pristine car. Sticky dashboards, half eaten food shoved anywhere and everywhere, the floor disappeared beneath a sea of discarded sweet wrappers. And then there’s the screaming and crying. But when you’ve stopped doing that, there are some positives to having a child in your car. Here’s a collection of some of the best online. Warning: Contains singing and cuteness

It’s a strange new world for some babies:

And for some, it can be frightening:

Sometimes they'll entertain themselves:

Sometimes they'll need you on backing vocals:

But most times they're happy to go solo:

With an enthusiasm that can be quite scary.

Music can fire a baby up:

Or calm a baby down:

Just don't tell them what they can and cannot dance to:

And sometimes, eventually, they fall asleep.

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