After winning top prize last year, we’re delighted to announce that the Creditplus Blog is again nominated in the best Company Automotive category. We’ve made it through to the public vote stage, so now we need your help!


How it works

The public vote is now open and bloggers up and down the country will be contacting their readers to vote! Divided between Company blogs and individuals, there are 18 categories in total. They are:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Automotive
  • Dating
  • Digital & Technology
  • Education
  • Events
  • Food & Drink
  • Green & Eco
  • Health & Social Care
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography
  • PR, Media, Marketing & Communications
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Travel
  • Vlogger & Podcast
  • Weddings
  • Most Innovative
  • Best Storyteller

Last year’s ceremony was a fantastic experience for the team at Creditplus, with the icing on the cake being our win! Since winning last year, we’ve given the blog a makeover to make it mobile responsive and just much snazzier than before. We’ve been working hard on the launch of the new Creditplus website, so now we have some more time to focus on the exciting plans in store for 2016. So why not take a moment to vote for us?


Some of our favourite blogs in 2016

Icons of Motoring: Steve McQueen – A look at the iconic film actor and his passion for all things automotive. The unquestioned “King of Cool”, we look at his life and career that was cut tragically short.

What makes the Jaguar E-Type so special? It’s one of the most iconic cars ever built, regularly topping polls for most beautiful. Even Enzo Ferrari said it was one of the greatest he had seen. So what is it that drives people crazy about this car? We took a look.

Evolution of Automotive Logos – What was the thinking behind some of the most iconic car makers choice of logos? How have they changed over the years? We took a look in this fascinating history blog.

Beginner’s Guide to WRC – With Formula One being a one horse race last year, we decided to write up a guide to one of our favourite motorsports so that novices could understand – the World Rally Championship.

How to stay safe when selling your car – Buying and selling online can help you grab a real bargain. But it can also be dangerous. We put together our tips to ensure you can stay safe when selling your car online.

Six Car Myths That You Probably Believe – We debunked some of the most popular old wives’ tales about cars to help save our readers from wasting their time and money.

Battle of the Mid-Price Executive Cars – We love comparing cars against each other, and the battles we run are some of our favourite blogs to write. This showdown between executive cars was the best of the bunch.

One last reminder: If you like what you read, then Vote for us at the UK Blog Awards! The public vote closes on Friday the 25th January.

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