Sam Green

Sam Green is a content writer at Creditplus. He enjoys sharing useful driving tips and helping customers find their perfect car with his car reviews. Sam also writes our personal finance guides.


Best ways to keep running costs down on your car

When it comes to monthly expenses, our cars can be one of the biggest money drains that we own. Whether its from paying for the fuel you need, paying ... Read More

What you need to know about part-exchanging your car

When the time comes to change your car, you might be thinking about selling your current car before you even look at buying the next one. But you coul... Read More

Cars being released in 2022

Cars are getting better every year. Improvements in production quality, materials and technological advancements means that every new generation of a ... Read More

Tips for driving on icy roads

Cold weather can often catch drivers off guard. We all know to put on an extra layer of clothing, dig out the warm winter coat from the cupboard, and ... Read More

Difference between FWD, RWD and AWD

Car’s today have all sorts of extras and add-ons. The sheer variety of different specifications on a car can be confusing, especially if you’re not a ... Read More

Electric vs Petrol cars

If you’ve been thinking about changing your car, you might be asking yourself a question that you never asked yourself when buying a new car before – ... Read More

Gift ideas for car lovers

Buying someone the perfect Christmas present can be one of the best feelings you can get during the festive period. Seeing their eyes light up as they... Read More

In the driving seat with Romilly

Behind the scenes, Creditplus have a fantastic Digital team made up of IT wizards, graphic design queens and marketing geniuses. We asked Romilly, our... Read More

How to get car finance if you’re self-employed

Car finance has become one of the most popular ways to fund the purchase of a new car. So, no matter what your employment type might be, you might wan... Read More

How to make the most of your petrol?

Every driver wants to cut down on their running costs. From shopping around for the best car insurance deals, to attempting car maintenance ourselves,... Read More
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