Last month we welcomed our first edition of our monthly blog round up. Giving you a recap of all the blogs we had shared in April.  Designed to help you see what you have missed and for us to recap on the content we have created.

This month’s round up  features 17 blog posts with content from: Mark Humphrys, Sam Chilcott, Stephanie Hughes, Tom Wood, Sarah Griffiths and Louise Haines.


The blogging team have had a super busy month as we have all been involved with the preparation of Bournemouth Wheels Festival along with the first launch of our helpful car finance terms pages, which feature an A to Z of those common terms that come up when you apply for car finance.

We also prepared for Sam Chilcott’s last month at Creditplus, as she jumped ship to work for the property industry to help fulfil her dream of owning a Bugatti Veyron.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her contribution to the Creditplus Blog and wish her well in her new career.

So time for the round up….

Best Car Video of the Month

Tom shared Creditplus Best Car Video of the month, featuring the crazy drag race between a suped-up Smart car and a Shelby Mustang. Who wins? Find out by watching the video at the link…

See the video here

The psychology of driving: sex and speed

Great post from Steph looking at the psychology of car ownership and why certain people buy certain types of vehicle.  There’s a reason you think that guy in the Ferrari is showing off: He is. Really interesting post, we are sure you will enjoy it!

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Community Profile – Car Throttle

After receiving Highly Commended for our Blog at the UK Blog Awards, we are keen to do even better next year.  How are we going to do that! Well learn from the one of the most interesting car sites on the web right now, of course!  This month in our community focus goes to Car Throttle highlighting their new platform features and why we think they are more than awesome!

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Bournemouth Wheels Festival Competitions

To entice visitors at Bournemouth Wheels Festival we hosted a number of competitions.   We will be announcing winners over at our Wheels Festival landing page: will also talk about the winners on our social channels, once the closing date for entries is reached. Exciting…

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How the EU funds innovation in the UK automotive industry – Part Five

The last episode of a detailed five part series, highlighting how the UK Automotive industry is at the forefront of innovation.  So much detail and thought has gone into this series, please be sure to visit it.

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Top 5 Automotive World Records

We went out to find the top 5 automotive world records, and guess who popped up on the list, no other than our county neighbours, National Motor Museum, Beaulieu with their record breaking line of cars!

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Creditplus at the Wheels Festival

Over the May bank holiday weekend, we exhibited at the first Bournemouth Wheels Festival. This post explains why we attended and the exciting goings on we had at our stand. We can’t wait till next year’s event, it is going to be wheelly wheelly great!

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Top 10 Family Cars for Under 5K

We all have to budget sometimes. This is why we’re not all driving around in Pagani Zondas and eating Gü Puds all the time (because why wouldn’t you, if you could afford it?) Just because we don’t have a pile of cash to sleep on doesn’t mean we can’t get a great little motor! Steph takes a look at the best cars you can get for under £5,000.

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Arsenal Announce New French Signing

We couldn’t fail to notice that a lot of the motoring journalists are Arsenal fans, strange but true fact. To capture their attention and to be topical too, Mark just had to write about how Arsenal had partnered up with car manufacturer Citroen.

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Best Car Finance Deal of the Month – Ford Fiesta

The whole of the UK is going Fiesta crazy! If you want to join the party, check out our Ford Fiesta car deal of the month. There are some great finance deals available, so what are you waiting for?

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What my car says about me – Volkswagen Polo

Heart warming post about why Steph loves her VW Polo, in this regular monthly feature she considers what her car says about her. Great read, particularly like the opening line.

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The UK Automotive Industry in the EU – Part Four

If the UK were to break away from the EU and its tight regulations and restrictions, what would the benefit be? Would there be any at all? Read all about it in part 4 of our series of the UK, the EU and the automotive industry.

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13 things (almost) guaranteed to happen on the commute to work

With bank holiday Monday traffic approach we compiled a gif gallery of all the things that are likely to happen on your way to work.  Regular visitors to our blog will notice a lot more gif action to our blog posts. Loving animated gifs to get our points across!

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Car Finance Facts – April

Are you fascinated by facts? Stupefied by statistics? We share both, right here, right now, with our car finance facts for April. Read the car finance facts for the last month right now, just click the link below..

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Credit Today Nominate Creditplus for Best Car Finance Provider

We were thrilled to hear that we had been nominated for Best Car Finance Provider in the UK.  We highlight on the blog just a few of the reasons why we deserved it!

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The UK Automotive Industry in the EU – Part Three

Our economy is directly affected by the European Union, but how much will our automotive industry be affected if we came out of the single market? Sam continues her series of blog posts with part three!

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Gadget Review: Budget Sat Navs

Sarah is looking for a low cost satellite navigation system to replace her current one which is about 10 years out of date!  She shares her research with us and also goes on to talk about the future of in car information.

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The UK Automotive Industry in the EU – Part Two

Part two of five part series discussing the importance of the EU as an export market for the automotive industry.

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