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Creditplus Monthly Blog Roundup


This is the first edition of our monthly blog post round up. We are providing monthly blog round ups as it is our mission to become both a source and aggregator of useful knowledge.

This month’s round up features 18 blog posts with content from: Sam Chilcott, Stephanie Hughes, Tom Wood, Sarah Griffiths and Louise Haines.

Satisfying Skoda Score Top Points

Just like Pharrel Williams said “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, because I’m Happy”. Skoda Yeti owners are certainly clapping along. Find out why Skoda owners are so darn happy and how you can be happy too.

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The UK Automotive Industry in the EU – Part One

In this series Sam shares insights into the role the UK Automotive industry play. Sounds boring but it actually makes very interesting reading. Go Team GB.

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The Best Car Video of the Month – April

We love this monthly post, the bee’s news in car video production has won this month. Featuring Alfa Romeo and Petrolicious.

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Thrilled to be Highly Commended by the UK Blog Awards

Still over the moon about our highly commended title by the National UK Blog Awards. We give a shout out to the other finalists and tell you to go visit their blogs.

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What’s in a Postcode?

Breaking news, one of the most affluent postcodes in the UK has the highest debt. We investigate how this happened.

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Mini owners rejoice at remarkable residuals in new report

Great news for Mini owners, as it means their cars retain their value longer than others. Hence the joy in the blog posts title. More info shared on which other cars depreciate slower too.

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Battle of the MPV’s

Everyone loves a battle, and this month we are looking at which is the best MPV. See if you agree with us.

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Weight watchers – Top 5 ultralight car technologies

If you are interested in the environment, technology and cars then this is the post for you. We talk about the materials that make your cars lighter and more fuel efficient.

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Kimi Raikkonen – The Grumpiest Man in F1

A very popular post for a very popular, but a little moody sometimes F1 driver. Supported by our Pinterest board on Car Quotes, we wanted to share this with you after receiving thumbs up for our Jeremy Clarkson – Quotes post.

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Choosing a New Car

This post looks at the main considerations when buying a car. We ask what is important to you: cost, safety, style, efficiency, size, or performance. Featuring: Subaru BRZ, Ford Grand C-Max, Renault Clio, Citroen DS3, Volvo V40, Dacia Sandero.

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What my car says about me – Audi A1

Tom takes a trip down memory lane at his old cars and considers what his Audi A1 says about him. Quote: “The moment I stepped inside the Audi A1, I knew it was perfect”

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New car sales soar to 10-year high

Fuelled by attractive finance packages and the fantastic range of new vehicles available on the market, this is huge news for us and something that we just had to share with you.

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Walkies?! Paws for thought: Is your car pet friendly?

Between us the Digital Marketing team have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 fish and a giant rabbit called Jasper. So we thought it fitting to celebrate National Pet month with some handy pet friendly car tips.

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Best Car Finance Deal of the Month – BMW 3-Series

We don’t just finance vehicles; we source and supply them too, so we are able to offer you the best car finance deals on the market. This month one of our most popular cars on finance was featured as our car deal of the month. If you fancy getting your hands on a BMW 3 Series, you know what to do.

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They may be the safest, but would you buy one?

They may be the safest, but would you buy one?

Car interiors that have the WOW factor

We have learnt that our readers like snazzy and luxurious car interiors, so this blog post went down very well. The post was also backed up by our Pinterest board: Car Interiors that we love. The post features car interiors from: Bugatti Veyron, Tesla Model S, Bentley Mulsanne, Ferrari 458, Citroen DS3. Hmmm tasty dash!

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Car Finance Facts – March

Discover facts about car finance and cars, in our monthly car finance facts post. The data is from our customer database and from “oh that’s an interesting car fact” moment we have when surfing the web.

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What do a lie detector app, tea-lead biofuel and a customisable car horn all have in common?

We failed on coming up with our April Fool this year, so we shared with you the best motoring ones we found on the web. Enjoy.

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