Welcome to the August blog round-up, giving you another chance to see what happened on our blog. In August we shared with you a very impressive 43 blogs with content from: James Dwyer, Tom Wood, Sarah Griffiths, Louise Haines, Shaun Armstrong and our newest team member Luke Tovey.

We have included a selection of what you may have missed below.

The aim for our blog is to help our customers with the car buying decisions, to engage with our customers and friends in social media and to show that we are truly passionate about what we do.
We believe this month we have proved all of these points and hope you agree.

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Best Car Finance Deal of the month

We put one of our best-selling cars in the spotlight. This month we look at the Jaguar XF 2.2D Saloon. Find out more about this car deal.

Do women marry for love or for Money?

One of our most popular posts of the month asked the question: “Is this girl with me because she likes me or because of my money?!” The subject is something a lot of us will have thought about at some point, but what is the truth of the situation, find out once and for all here: Do women marry for love or for money?

Best Car Videos of the week – Speed, Tech and Incredible Crashes

James shares a collection of his favourite car videos of the week. Includes some incredible crashes, speed and bizarre commercials. Watch here.

From Scrapheap to showpiece

Are you on the look out for a new car and trading in your old one?  If you don’t get offered the money you think your car deserves then why not recycle it and keep your car memories alive. Sarah provides a short guide to upcycling your motor here.

Community Focus – Xcar

This month Luke has chosen XCAR as our community profile of the month. Classing them as one of the coolest communities around and one of the best producers of automotive videos on YouTube! Find out more here.

Nissan, Lexus and Suzuki unveil new cars

Breaking news: James spotted a triple threat! As Lexus, Nissan and Suzuki all unveiled new cars in preparation for the Paris Motor show 2014. Read a short review of the trio here.

Details of the all-new Volvo XC90

Breaking news: Heralding a new generation of cars, Volvo unveil details of their all-new SUV.  Introducing the Volvo XC90.

Driving us crazy! The best car jokes.

In this fun post, we have collected together some of the best driving jokes from our favourite comedians. Routines from Lee Mack, Lee Evans, Jack Dee, George Carlin and Mitch Hedberg. Laugh here.

Racing roundups

James asked the question, just what is going on at Team Mercedes?

Before the start of the Belgian Grand Prix Tom and James created this handy infographic to give you the low down on everything you need to know!   For everything Belgian Grand Prix view our infographic.

In 2015 we will see the youngest driver ever to start on the Formula One grid! We can’t wait to see what this young lad has got! #F1  James gives you the details here.

We collated some of the best quotes/sayings from motoring legend, Enzo Ferrari. Enjoy.

‪UK car exports reach 5 million since 2010

Did you know that eight out of ten vehicles made in Britain are now shipped overseas? Louise Haines reports on the growth of the British vehicle exports market here.

Toyota up their renewable energy game today

Breaking news: Toyota have just flicked the switch on a huge solar panel array with enough power to build 22,000 engines! Will this give them the edge to be the greenest car manufacturer? Find out more.

Best selling UK Cars

So you asked, we provided. Read our blog to find out more about the UK’s best selling cars of the year (so far)

Car Finance Facts – July 2004

July was a busy month across the car finance industry with the SMMT announcing the figures for the first six months of the year. Take a look at the blog to see how it all breaks down.

British car market at a boom

Month on month the UK’s car market is showing no signs of slowing down with 172,907 new cars registered in July, a rise of 6.6% on June. Louise reports on the growth rate here.

Aston Martin under threat in the USA

Breaking news: Pressure is stacking on Aston Martin in the USA! Are we about to see this much loved company lose their foothold on American soil? #AstonMartin #USA  Find out more about the fate of the British luxury car maker .

Five things you MUST do before a long car journey

Have you ever had a disastrous road trip? Been let down by your car on your family holiday? Most of us have at some point in our lives.  Well we say never again! Stick to these 5 guidelines and have yourself a stress free trip!

All-new Renault Twingo details have been revealed

Breaking news: The three variations are named Expression, Play and Dynamique.  Sounds fancy, find out more about this little trend setter here.

Record breaking Ferrari 250 GTO

Breaking news: Here’s a bit of excess for you, this Ferrari 250 GTO just became the most valuable car ever to be sold at auction. This beauty certainly cost a pretty penny! Find out what price the Ferrari went for here.

The best car videos of the week

If you like stunts and speed and car adverts, then there is plenty to keep you amused in the below blog.  Enjoy!
Best Car Videos of the week.

Introducing the Creditplus Dream Team

The Premier league season has kicked off. See which cars make our football dream team. View the Creditplus Dream Team and see if you agree with our suggestions.

Notorious Nazi car on sale in Germany

Breaking news: A car dealer in Germany has caught quite a bit of attention after adding the latest listing to his catalogue.  James tells us more about the car and why it was causing such a stir.

New Toyota FT-1 Designs

Two new designs for the Toyota FT-1 have been released, one in the real world and on in the digital world.  It’s a beautiful car inside and out, find out more and view a photo here.

Battle of the Roadsters

Luke has put five of the most popular roadsters to the test in our regular battle feature post. This month we pitted five of the most popular roadsters against each other.

The importance of lending money responsibly

Shaun talks about the importance of responsible lending, consumer trends and regulations in this month’s industry insight. 

Jaguar Land Rover reveal details of new Lightweight E-Type

The Special Operations division of Jaguar Land Rover have unveiled details of their new Lightweight E-type. The new E-type will be the first recreation launched from Jaguar Heritage.  Find out more.

Deadly Distraction – The worrying increase of texting and driving

This blog looks at the worrying increase of texting and driving. Inviting us all to consider how it can be stopped. Worth a read.

Too Fast For The Road – New Bugatti is too quick for tyres

If you had not yet heard about Bugatti’s replacement for the Veyron check it out right here and see what all the hype is about! #Bugatti

Kia unveil first photos of next generation Sorento

Breaking news: The new Sorento will be showcased in Korea later this month before making its European premiere in October at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. The car is expected to go on the market here in the UK in Spring 2015. View the new gen Sorento here.

Mario Kart and Mercedes

You may be surprised to hear that Mario Kart and Mercedes-Benz have teamed up together on a new project.  Find out more about Mario’s new motor here.

How do you test drive the new Land Rover?

As Land Rover prepare to launch their new Discovery Sport, they release details on the rigorous testing that went into preparing the new model.

The Government diesel car penalty will not affect value.

A report from CAP shows that diesel car values should not be affected by new penalty charges.
Good news.

Singing City!

Toyota want you to sing to your heart’s content in their new Yaris video – it is worth a watch!

Latest figures show car sales stronger than expected

New numbers show that car registrations are on the increase once again. Find out more.

Are you at risk of a driving ban?

If you’re a young male driver, Institute of Advanced Motorists, Institute of Advanced Motorists, IAM has some bad news for you…

Car Dealers vote Hyundia i10 as Car of the year 2014

The Hyundai I10 comes out on top at this years Car Dealer Power Awards. Find out more about this city car here.

Creditplus Car Review: Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the best-selling cars in the UK, and for good reason. Great value, fun driving dynamics and easy on the eye. Read our full review right here on our blog…

In case you missed it, take a look at the Creditplus monthly blog round up for July 2014.

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